Is Your Printer Printing Lines? Here are 4 Quick Ways to Fix it

If your printer is printing lines, there’s something unwanted stuck to the printhead. And it is not letting the ink spray correctly to the paper.

I clearly remember having a hair strand stuck to one of my HP printer’s printhead and facing the same issue😫

So how did I fix it?

Run the Printhead Cleaning Cycle

  • Open the Printing preferences of your printer from the Windows Settings.
  • Then, run the Printhead cleaning cycle.
  • If one cycle of cleaning does not fix the problem, run it once more. You can even do it twice or thrice.

Note: As printhead cleaning consumes about 1-2 ml of ink per cycle, make sure your printer has sufficient ink levels beforehand.

Set the Print Quality to the Best Quality

Similarly, on the same Printing Preferences window, change the Print Quality to the Best or similar high quality option that is available.

Printing on a low/normal quality sometimes produces printout with unnecessary lines.

Align the Printhead

Another thing you can do is align the printhead of the printer.

The printhead misaligns from its original position with time that ultimately causes the printer to print lines.

  • Again, you can do this from the Printing Preferences.
  • If available, you can also use the touch screen on your printer.

Bonus Tip: If you just changed the ink cartridge, make sure you removed the protective film that came with it. Otherwise, issues like this are common.

Clean the Entire Printer

Should there be anything lying between the printhead and the paper, ink cannot get correctly to the paper and result in line formations.

I recommend cleaning your printer with a blower or a can of compressed air. Mainly clean the paper path, paper roller (wheel) area and under the ink cartridges and you should be fine.


Honestly, it is not that difficult to fix it when your printer is printing lines. And I believe you fixed it already with the tips and tricks I discussed above😉

If nothing seems to work, you need to clean the printhead manually which is the one and only solution to this problem. (I will be writing on this soon)

If you have any queries, please let me know in the comment section below. PrinterArmy Deependra is always standby to fix your printer problems.

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