3 Methods to Scan From Canon Printer to Computer

To scan from Canon printer to computer, simply use its touch panel.

Currently, I have a Canon PIXMA MX922 printer at my home and I heavily rely on this method.

However, if your printer does not have a touch screen, you need to use the Windows Fax and Scan or the Canon IJ Scan Utility method.

Let’s get into the details.

Using the Printer’s Touch Screen

  1. Connect the printer to your computer using the USB cable. Turn it on.
  2. Place the paper on your printer’s scanner assembly. Then, close the lid.
  3. Now, press the Scan button on your printer.
  4. You’ll see this screen. There’s no need to do anything.
  5. Press Color button to scan on color format and Black button to scan on black and white format.
  6. Once your printer completes scanning, go to the Documents folder on your PC and access the scanned file. Easy-peasy right?

Using the Windows Fax and Scan App

This app comes built-in with Windows. Here’s how to use it to scan from Canon printer to computer.

  1. Insert the document to be scanned on the printer.
  2. Launch Windows Fax and Scan on your computer.
  3. Click File > New > Scan options on the top.
  4. Click Change > select your Canon printer.
  5. If required, make other changes too.
  6. Click Scan.
  7. Once the scan is complete, you’ll see the entire document on your screen.
  8. Click the Save as button and follow on-screen instructions to save it.

Using IJ Scan Utility

This app automatically gets installed when you first install the printer driver on your computer.

Unlike the Windows Fax and Scan app, you’ll get a lot of customization options here.

Follow these steps to scan from it.

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Click Settings on the popup window that appears next.
  3. Select the Document Scan option from the left.
  4. If required, make necessary changes under the Scan Options and Save Settings heading.
  5. Here, you can choose where the scanned document will get saved later.
  6. Save changes by clicking OK.
  7. Tap the Document menu to start the document scan.
  8. You will get a message after the printer completes the scanning process.
  9. Finally, go to the folder where the document is saved and view it.

That’s all about scanning a document from Canon printer to your computer.

If you need any assistance, please comment down your printer model and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Happy printing!🙂

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