How to Reset Brother Printer? [All Models]

There are three easy methods to reset your Brother printer.

Use the Touch Panel

Mine has touch panel so I can easily reset it via touch.

  • If your printer has a touch screen, open Settings and launch the Initial Setup menu inside it.
  • Click Reset and on the next screen, choose what you want to reset. Like the Network settings, Fax settings or All Settings.
  • Confirm it and the reset process will begin.

Using Printer’s Webpage

For printers without touch screen, get to know the printer’s IP address first. Once you know it,

  • Type the IP on the address bar of any web browser and hit Enter.
  • If there’s any login password, enter it and access the printer’s webpage.
  • Now click the Administrator tab > click Reset Menu on the left hand side > choose Reset All Settings > Yes.

Using the Model-specific Steps

  • If neither of the above two option seems to work for you, visit the user manual download page of Brother and download the manual for your model.
  • You can see the model-specific reset instructions in that manual.
  • Simply follow the steps there and you’ll get the job done.
  • For instance, this is the instructions I got in the manual to reset my home printer. You’ll get it too.

See, it is that easy to reset your Brother printer. Please let me know if you face any problems while doing it. I am always there to help you solve your printing problems😄

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