How to Print Without a Printer? Know these Alternatives!

People might say trying to print without a printer is like trying to cook without a kitchen.

But you can still go to your homie’s kitchen and cook, right? The same holds here.

If you don’t have a printer, ask your homie, your neighbor, or your acquaintances. Use their printer and print your stuff.

If not, there are still plenty of methods to print without a printer. Let’s quickly go through all of them.

Quick Tip: Have a grocery store, departmental store, library, stationery shop around you? You can print your document from them easily just for a few cents.

Just Share the PDF

Did you ask your recipient whether they compulsory need the printouts, or a PDF is okay?

If they are fine with digital copy, just create a PDF and send it to them. No need to look after printers. Easy-peasy.

  • For smartphone users, apps like Camscanner will do the job.
  • For Windows users, open the document > click Print or press Ctrl + P > Select Microsoft Print to PDF > Print and it will save your PDF to the desired location.
  • Now either mail it to your recipient or upload it somewhere like Google drive and share it.

Are there any Wireless Printers Near You?

You can quickly search for nearby wireless printers from Windows and if found, ask your neighbor and use it.

  • Open Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Printers & scanners.
  • Add device > see if it finds any printer.
  • Also, open Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone and scan nearby networks. See if it finds any printer.

Inquire about it and see if your neighbor allows you to print from it.

Print from FedEx

Isn’t it awesome when someone prints your document and deliver it to you?

Yes, it is possible with FedEx. They are extremely reliable online printing service quickly delivering the physical copies to your doorsteps.

  • Open FedEx.
  • Design & Print > Copies and custom documents.
  • Specify the print settings and follow instructions.
  • You can either pay online or do cash on delivery. You can choose it at the time of checkout.

Alternatives to FedEx: The UPS Store, Staples, Walgreens Photo.

Warning: Make sure you do not print any sensitive documents online.

It feels really good to be independent, right? If you are looking to get printer, I recommend you go through this list of best home printers below $100. They are really worth it.

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