How to Check Printer Ink Levels (On HP, Brother, Canon, Epson)

Checking the ink levels on your printer is really easy.

  • If the printer has ink tanks — inspect it visually. (My HP Ink Tank printer is life-saver here 😁)
  • For printers with display panel — check ink using the screen.
  • For printers connected to the Smartphone — use the printer’s mobile app. For instance, HP Smart mobile app for HP printers and Brother iPrint&Scan app for Brother Printers.

To check printer ink levels using your computer, use the printer utility tool. Do note that you should also have a printer driver installed on your computer to use this method.

Alright! Now let’s see how to check the printer ink levels on HP, Canon, Brother and Epson printer using the utility tool.

On HP Printer

  • Open the HP Printer Assistant tool. You can search for this tool in the Windows search box or open it through the desktop shortcut.
  • Also, you can open it from the Control Panel > View devices and printers > double-click HP printer.
  • Open the Estimated Levels tab there and click the Estimated Cartridge Levels. Check the ink levels there.

Note: You can also install and open HP Smart app on your PC to do the needful. It will show the ink levels on the home screen. No need to click on anything inside it.

On Brother Printer

  • Open Printing Preferences from Windows Settings.
  • Click Launch Status Monitor. There it is.

On Canon Printer

  • Open Printing Preferences > View Printer Status.
  • It will show the ink levels.

On Epson Printer

  • Open Printing Preferences > click the Ink Levels tab there.
  • You’ll see the ink levels.

Bonus Tip: If you get printer ink on your hands during the process, refer to my guide on how to get printer ink off hands within minutes. Thanks me later😉

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