Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages? Fix It Right Now!

If your Canon printer is printing blank pages,

One of these four fixes always works! If not, I have further discussed 5 tips & tricks to fix the issue at the end of the article. That should work. So, let’s begin.

Check the Printer Ink Levels

As obvious as it may sound, not having enough ink on the printer is the major reason why your Canon printer prints blank pages.

  • To check the printer ink levels, open Canon printer’s Printing Preferences from the Printers and Scanners Settings.
  • Then, print the Nozzle Check Pattern. It will show the exact ink levels on your printer.
  • If required, refill the ink or change the cartridge.
  • If you’re sure, the issue is not the ink, check out the fixes below.

Change Paper Type and Paper Size Settings

Having a wrong paper type and paper size setting on the Printing Preference is another reason the Canon printer prints blank pages.

Please check and adjust it accordingly. You can do it from the Media Type and Printer Paper Size drop-down in the Printing Preferences.

Clean the Printheads

If anything is blocking the nozzles on the printhead, the printer cannot spray ink and you get blank pages. So, clean the printhead as well.

Again, you can do it from the Printing preferences. Here it is.

Install Official Drivers From Canon

Not having the printer driver installed on your computer can sometimes cause the printer to print blank pages too.

Head straight to the Canon official website and download the correct driver for your corresponding printer model.

Some Tips & Tricks to Fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

  • You can try photocopying a document and see if that comes blank too. If yes, the issue lies within printer and if not the problem lies on the PC.
  • Make sure you have correctly installed papers on the printer. If the printer roller takes multiple pages at a time, the additional page comes blank.
  • Check if there’s any unnecessary blank page on the digital document you are trying to print.
  • Always use genuine ink cartridges from Canon. Using counterfeit ones create problems like this.
  • Many Mac users reported this issue after macOS 11th version Big Sur update. If same happened with you, upgrade/downgrade your OS.

If nothing seems to work, visit the nearest Canon service center for assistance.

Please let me know what works for you. I would be more than happy to hear from you.

Also, don’t hesitate to comment down below if you have any queries. PrinterArmy Deependra always has your back 🙂

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